ブレンド MOTHER (カフェインレス) 200g BOX / W&H COFFEE

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◯ BLEND "MOTHER" (※decaf) 200g BOX
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○ BLEND "MOTHER" ※decaf 200g BOX
  Limited time: April 15th 2021- May 16th 2021
・Roast level : Dark

Six years before we started W&H, we had a daughter. My wife became a new mother and I became a new father. We were delighted and worried about the little things, and our daughter-centered life began. Our lives, which until then were comfortable for us to live politely, have changed dramatically. Our daughter brought us tremendous joy, but parenting was a lot of work. More than I leave home for my work, my wife was spending her own time on our daughter, on our family.

At that time my wife said, "I have 10 things I want to do every day, but if I can do just 2, that's fine." The 10 things she wants to do aren't for her own entertainment, she wants to cook our meals politely, she wants to get rid of the clutter, and our family feels comfortable. Something like that. In her daily life, where she can't afford it, just having time to drink a cup of coffee becomes one of the things she wants to do, and it becomes a healing time. And she can do her best again.

But breastfeeding mothers think. Some mothers don't drink because coffee contains caffeine. Some mothers drink only one drink a day. Some mothers are distracted by other drinks. Some mothers drink while feeling something like guilt. I don't know which choice is right. However, everyone lives by summarizing their thoughts and making arrangements with coffee. I wanted to give mothers a time to relax without hesitation.

If the time to drink just one cup of coffee is a blissful break, one of my missions is to deliver delicious coffee that mothers can drink without worrying about anything to future mothers.

I've always wanted to make amazingly delicious coffee, rather than compromising that the taste isn't good because it's decaffeinated. It took about 5 years from the conception, but we will finally announce it.

The name is "MOTHER".
I created it with the image that the blend "DAUGHTER" becomes "LADY" and then "MOTHER". It is a caffeine-less version of "DAUGHTER" that uses decaffeinated raw beans for all three types of Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia that are blended with "DAUGHTER". (* We use raw beans from which 99.9% of caffeine has been removed by the Swiss water process.)

It is recommended not only for those who are breastfeeding or pregnant, but also for those who cannot sleep at night after taking caffeine and those who feel that ordinary coffee is too irritating.

The sale period is from April 15th to May 16th. WEB SHOP will accept pre-order sales from April 11th today.
* Pre-order sales cannot be ordered together with other products. Therefore, if you wish to bundle it with other products, please place an order after April 15th.


※Box-type products contain oxygen scavenger in a bag with a degassing valve to keep the coffee beans fresh. Effective for medium- to long-term storage.

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¥1,700 tax included